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At the Canis Major Group there is always something going on, whether it's a show, masterclass, or even a movie night! We adore our community and are excited to watch it grow every day. Keep an eye on this space for more.....



Theory Class

Music Theory is not always the “fun” topic of conversation or the element students are excited about for their music growth and development. But we understand it’s importance and relevance to music and songwriting: so we approach it differently. We adapt the classes to suit individual needs and have a fun learning rhythms using percussion, songwriting aspects and combining contemporary, jazz and classical theory. A great place to advance your school grades, find new ways to improve your songwriting or just to understand your songs in a deeper way in a supportive and fun environment.




The disbanding of the award-winning contemporary vocal ensemble, The Voice of Transition, in 2020 left a void and in 2022 a new group was formed by director Kim Spargo. 

EnHarmonics is a group of exceptional vocalists who continue to bring arrangements with unique and complex harmonies. You may hear familiar favourites originally sung by The Voice of Transition, but EnHarmonics have new members, new music and a new sound.

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Con Brio

Con Brio Choir

Con Brio was formed after Kim was asked to step in as a conductor for a choir for only 6 weeks. Somehow, Kim ended up inheriting a group of 20-odd keen choir members and here we are today. 

Con Brio means ‘lively and spirited’ in Italian and there couldn’t be a better phrase to embody this group of 50+ year olds. A members’ husband coined the term, most likely with some sass, but it has since been adopted with love.

Together, the group sings all sorts of music including Carol King, Everly Brothers and Cyndi Lauper, plus many more arrangements of contemporary (*cough* classic) music. 

After a hiatus, Con Brio is being revived. Join us for some laughs, a cup of tea (or coffee), and create some great music with peers.

Vocal Artistry at Dusk

Current students of Vocal Artistry who are interested in performing in Vocal Artistry at Dusk, please sign up.

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Open mic night

Open Mic Night - Held the last Sunday of every month.

Open mic nights are a great way for our students and other artists to work on their performance technique in front of a supportive, relaxed crowd. Just a gold coin required on entry for you to enjoy the show. There is an amazing bar for snacks and drinks. It is such a great place to get to know more people like you.

Vocal Artistry at Dusk 


A celebration of the culmination of a year's dedication by our Vocal Artistry students. Witness their mastery as they take the stage alongside a professional live band in a music festival atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a relaxed boho festival, resonating with great music spanning various

genres and ages. Indulge in

delectable treats from food trucks

and an on-site bar, settle

Dec 16th | 17:00

Unley Memorial garden

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